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I am thrilled to have joined the Center for Family and Community Engagement (CFACE) in August 2019. I direct the community-university partnerships initiatives, and in particular, the Wake Community-University Partnership described elsewhere on this site. One of the things I am particularly excited about is our cross-college discussions to rebuild Humanities Extension in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. Although the program is still operating and faculty remain engaged in a variety of extension and engagement activities, it was quite more robust in the past and not only included a portal for communities to access humanities and social science scholars, opportunities for faculty to directly engage schools and communities, and research projects that were directly connected to community-identified needs. We think it is time to re-imagine humanities extension and engagement in ways that not only help carry out our land grant mission, but to regain the public trust that many have lost in our public universities by demonstrating the many ways we have been and can continue to be involved in the well-being of our communities.

Stay tuned.

kwesi brookins