The Southeast Raleigh Community Collaboration

John Chavis Street Marker, South East Street

The Southeast Raleigh Community Collaboration (SRCC) is a project of the Wake Community-University Partnership (WakeCUP), a joint initiative between Social and Economic Vitality (SEV) of Wake County and NC State University. The SRCC will work with Southeast Raleigh community members to develop a series of written, audio, and video materials that will:

  • honor the knowledge, wisdom, talent, and time of community members,
  • create a variety of educational materials that celebrate the history, culture, and strengths of the communities in Southeast Raleigh,
  • highlight the ongoing economic, social, racial, and justice-related challenges that affect community growth and development, and:
  • educate future community partners, including NC State students and researchers, on equitable, reciprocal, and authentic community engagement.

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